The Virginia International Tattoo is an annual event with over 850 performers from several countries, including the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Germany and the Czech Republic.  At the time of the production, there was no official logo to work from; and a majestic open was required to match the tone and feel of the several international marching bands.

The production of the one hour show which documented the live performance was marred by several faulty Lacie hard drives. Generally speaking, they are very reliable drives and my brand of choice when it comes to data storage.  It was fortunate that the original format of the video was DigiBeta and the video assets were able to be restored.

The logo was animated with Zaxwerks “Invigorator” and Adobe “After Effects.”

Total Running Time: 1:00

Producer: Wendy Juren
Videographer: Phil Wright
Voice Over: David Alan
Editors: Phil Wright/Eugene Gonzales/Ryan Beard
Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales
Music: Virginia International Tattoo