This is the first in a series of commercials for The website provides a resource to help emotional eaters. In an effort to reach a larger audience, a commercial was needed for both broadcast and the web.

The original concept of the commercial involved juxtaposed text with unsettling imagery; but with the frank reality of the text, a softer visual message was required. The concept was modified, juxtaposing the text with a visibly upset individual…to create a bond and sense of familiarity with the target audience.

Due to the constraints on the budget, and the west coast location of the client, it was decided to acquire video from iStockphoto. The commercial was edited and composited with Adobe “After Effects” with a final output to 720p. The voiceover work was acquired from Speedy Spots, and the music scored by Dan Villanueva.

Total Running Time: 0:30

Producer: Tricia Greaves/Eugene Gonzales
Video: iStockphoto
Voiceover: Speedyspots
Editor/Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales
Music: Dan Villanueva