“Sound Minds” is the first track on the CD “Definitions,” by Farewell to Freeway…a band hailing from Guelph, Ontario.  Currently, they are signed to Victory Records.

g2(fx) was brought into pre-production after the treatment and budget was locked, and the production team was established.  The budget was tight and limited.  Seven days were allocated for production, with another Seven days for post-prodution.

All of the performance sequences were shot in one production day in order to accomodate the touring schedule of the band.  Due to their schedule, a sound stage of sufficient size was not accessible for the band to perform collectively on camera.  The solution was to shoot the band members individually on digital green screen, and composite their performances in post-production.  A digital green screen was rented from Composite Components in California; and the lighting scheme was achieved with two Lowell light kits and one soft box.

A car explosion sequence was later added to the production schedule at the whim of the director to fill a “hole” in the storyline.  A “disposable” alley was constructed, and an ex-Navy SEAL provided the pyrotechnics.

Total Running Time: 4:21

Director: Jeremy Carey
Producer: Tremayne Johnson
Videographer: Paolo Obcemane
Editors: Paolo Obcemane/Kory Smith
Gaffer/Art Direction: Eugene Gonzales
Motion Designers: Eugene Gonzales/Robert Simmons/Charley Feher/Kory Smith