The main purpose of this promo was to generate buzz in the viewing community. To shake things up with the core weather watchers who relied on the legacy team known as the 13NEWS WEATHER LAB. The creative team pursued a bold direction to combine the power of main talent and the introduction of High Definition Radar technology – a key component that was going to be the ongoing evolution of the team’s technical advantage over the competition at the time. No other station could embark on such a grand promo. Ratings were strong, so we could continue to evoke power and leadership, while showcasing the chief meteorologist, who was also an avid bike enthusiast..”in his element” [no pun intended]. The team mapped out an aggressive logistical shoot that spanned nearly all of the main cities in Hampton Roads.

The main talent was game to make each shot matter and they “weathered” heat and storms to get the shot. Evan’s literally being blasted by a cold front out in Pungo. We parked Craig Moeller in the field for 2 hours to get the right front/background shot timed perfectly. Julie was a real trooper in Norfolk, as a real bike race was going on around the corner (notice the traffic patterns in the background!) There are too many pieces to tell on how we got each shot of Jeff Lawson on his bike, but I can tell you, we spent 2 weekends running around buildings, mounting cameras to the side of trucks or timing techno-crane moves over and over again, to simply tell the most compelling and exciting 30 seconds we could imagine.

After we combed through 10 hours of raw material, we locked the spot and sent it to the design team, whom spent about 6 weeks on visual effects shots. Now, in the news business, that kinda of production rarely happens, but Gene and team were on board to secure something grand. It was this crew that painstakingly rotoscoped out dull plates of skies between buildings and replaced them with sunny or stormy systems. The lens flares and sun shots were all surgically implanted for effect and drawing power.

In all, this campaign yielded 3 spots. The goal was achieved and resulted in advancing the strong weather brand and gaining increased awareness of the new technology. It was now in the hands of the real weather team to deliver the actual goods each and every night to viewers.

Executive Producer: Matt Earl
Producers: William Varnier, Sean Devereux
Editor: Kevin Fridley
Motion Designer/Producer: Eugene Gonzales

This promo was honored with a NATAS Emmy Award.