This animated segment explains the rules for each hole featured on “Big Shots: Titans at the Tee.” The producer wanted a “fly-by” of each hole, highlighting the distance of the fairway from the tee to the green, and the features that would provide a challenge for the NASCAR drivers and the Pros.  Five distinct animations were created in all, the first hole being used twice.

The actual rules of each hole changed during the first couple of episodes, and weren’t locked until the third episode.  The animations were created from maps and aerial/satellite photography.  The hole features were traced in Adobe “Illustrator,” rendered into a 3-Dimensional representation with  Zaxwerks “Invigorator,” and the animated in Adobe “After Effects.”

Total Running Time: 0:28

Producer: Tymm Smith
Editor: Tymm Smith
Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales