This promo was made for the launch of “Clyde Comdey.”  Clyde Comedy is a website, showcasing the stand-up of several comedians.  The goal of the promo was to highlight the depth and quality of talent available online.

The project, from start to finish, took almost six-months due to changes in the talent line-up and changes in focus from the client.  Once the “greenlight” was given, the actual production of the spot was wrapped up in one month.  The client and producer were located on the west coast, and because of a previous collaboration with the producer, it was easy to communicate during the telecommuting process.

During the preproduction process, an overall look and feel was determined, inspired from several different sources.  An original score was made for the promo, in the vein of the “HBO Sundays.”  The way the font was to move and feel was inspired by the work of “Saul Bass,” and the title sequence of “Catch Me if you Can.”  In this rare instance, the producer, Phillip Morton, found and provided the font.  Phillip provided several rough timelines, with place holders for missing talent and video clips, going as far as providing the “talent crawl” in the middle of the promo.

Working with Phillip was a true collaboration.

The video assets were provided online in standard definition, but the final output was in high definition.  The deliverables were provided in ProRes422 at 720p.  The rough edits were cut on Final Cut Pro, and the final animation was created in Adobe “After Effects.”

Total Running Time: 1:11

Producer: Phillip Morton
Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales