This is the second in a series of “web vignettes” for The American Red Cross, which will be distributed via e-mail to prospective donors.  Each “web vignette” highlights an aspect of blood donation.  These “web vignettes” are a continuation of an earlier project, “Redmond,” from 2006.  Instead of the white background from the previous project, an environment was developed and two new characters were introduced.  Playing the roles of studio anchors, they both deliver and narrate the “web vignettes.”

The two characters went through a period of development during preproduction.  Initial designs portrayed the characters as young children, but it was decided to make the characters older to relate to a broader, more mature audience.  The female character was originally meant to be of asian descent, but her features and skin tone were modified to giver her a more universal appeal.  A final touch, at the suggestion of the client, was to apply Red Cross pins the on the characters.

The goal of “Blood Type O” was to inform potential blood donors of the frequency and need of blood type “O.”  It also provided an opportunity to showcase a “Blood Donor Card.”

Each “web vignette” was edited and composited with Adobe “After Effects” with a final output to 720p.  The “web vignettes” were also repurposed for a presentation DVD, which was being shot in 1080p.  The facial animation was animated with Reallusion “Crazy Talk.”  The characters were voiced by Kendra Collins and Bully Surf of “Speedy Spots,” and the music scored by Dan Villanueva.

Total Running Time: 0:55

Executive Producer: Kristin Hatfield
Voiceover: Kendra Collins and Billy Surf of “Speedy Spots”
Producer/Editor/Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales
Music: Dan Villanueva