This is a PSA for The American Red Cross, which was broadcast in their Mid Altantic Region.  It’s goal is to reach out for blood donors with blood type “O,” and highlight their free gift this summer…flip flops.

The production time for this spot was roughly one week, with a major revision 48 hours from the deadline of the project.  Originally, a hawaiian themed approach was designed to provide a backdrop to help push the free gift.  Unfortunately, the summer-like feel was too far from the Red Cross branding guidelines, and a simpler look and feel was desired.  The original concept is displayed below.

This PSA was animated as a :15 and :30 with Adobe “After Effects” with a final output to 720p.  The narration was voiced by Marty Moran of “Speedy Spots,” and the music scored by Dan Villanueva.

Total Running Time: 0:30

Producer: Kristin Hatfield
Voiceover: Marty Moran of “Speedy Spots”
Editor/Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales
Music: Dan Villanueva