This is the title sequence for the upcoming documentary of stand-up comedian, Katt Williams.  Titled, “Katt Williams Phenomenon,”  I teamed up with the same producer of “Katt Williams Presents Katthouse Comedy” and “Clyde Comedy Launch.”

The producer, Phillip Morton, is located on the west coast; and constant communication via e-mail, SMS test, and phone calls were necessary to collaborate on this project.

The overall visual style the producer was looking for was inspired by the Madonna music video, “Get Together.”  The producer was looking for a sequence that would highlight images of Katt Williams during the course of his career.

This project had a very short turnaround time for production, less than 48 hours-including render time. Having worked with the producer in the past, we were able to hash out what was possible within the limited time period, making the telecommuting process collaborative and fluid.

The video assets were provided online various formats, but the final output was in high definition. The deliverables were provided in ProRes422 at 1080p. The rough edits were cut on Final Cut Pro, and the final animation was created in Adobe “After Effects.”

Total Running Time: 0:12

Producer: Phillip Morton
Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales