This is the first of three :30 second spots that aired on MTV2 advertising “Hip-Hop Confessions.”  Hip-Hop Confessions is a website documenting open table discussions where hip-hop contributors come to express their opinions and points of views on the culture of hip-hop.  Skillz leads the discussion challenging the panelists to remain boldly and brutally honest.

The spots are trimmed down teasers of the actual episodes online, and produced by my friends at Visually Inklined.  I was called in to create an open and close to bookend the spots.  A “gritty, urban look” that tied into the feel of the website was in order.  The assets and logo were provided by the web designer, Robert Simmons, with whom I’ve collaborated in the past.

I can classify this project as a “By the Way” project…meaning, “by the way, did I mention we need to have out the exports out the door by tomorrow morning?”  I had roughly 12 hours to complete my end of the project, which meant an all-nighter was in order.

Although the primary means of distribution for Hip-Hop Confessions is the internet,  the episodes are produced in high definition, 720p.  Per MTV2’s requirements, the final output had to be letterboxed to fit the standard definition ratio of 4:3.

Executive Producers: Tremayne Johnson/Kory Smith
Producer: Skillz
Editor: Tremayne Johnson
Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales