This is one of several show opens for the local news broadcasts of WVEC-TV 13. There are 11 different broadcasts each day, this particular open is for the 5:00pm broadcast. Their news product, “13NEWS” just went through a logo re-design…going from a box-shaped logo to a circular logo.

Throwing out all previous brand image and identity out the window, the direction was very loose and indirect from the Creative Services Director; who put me in charge with this task. His primary direction was to incorporate local scenic imagery into the open and incorporate the new station tagline: “Your Local News Leader.”

Working with a new logo is simple…working with a new logo with no pre-existing brand image and strategy is a whole other task. Without historical precedent to work from as a guide to strengthen the brand…any direction I would take could morph into a bigger design problem years, if not months later.

My first challenge was how to approach the logo. I needed to do more than “make it 3-D and dip it in plastic.”

Eating an apple started my train of thought on how to approach the open. The core of the apple reminded me…of all things, sculptures from Andy Goldsworthy. His stone cairns have both weight and random character with every nuanced layer. This eventually led me to layers of shale, which led me to thinking about pages in a book, which led me back to my sci-fi roots…the “Death Star.”

My solution with the open was to introduce layers of weight and internal structure to the logo. The original “Death Star,” much like a small moon, looked smooth from far away; but on the surface, and inside it,  there’s a texture and structure that holds it together. A “3-D shiny sphere” presented in the news open can be perceived, in an alternative light, as a hollow, tin balloon…an association I wanted to avoid.

By creating an actual internal structure for the logo to work around, the allusion to depth, mass, and nuance gives the open a gravitas fitting a serious news organization.

I wanted to introduce more color into the open. The previous brand for the station was dark, and relied heavily on a high-contrast, monotone palette…similar to the regional competition. A wider range of color…from blues to oranges and purples in-between…would lead to more wiggle-room in the future, and set the station brand apart from the competition.

This project was completed within a two week window. Currently, WVEC-TV13 broadcasts in 16:9 Anamorphic, standard NTSC; and animating everything in 1080i did not help the situation. However, should WVEC-TV13 upgrade to a HD signal, I did not want to do this project second time. The scenic shots were shot by Ryan Beard on a Sony HVRZ1U in 1080i within the same two week window. The music was provided by 615.

Executive Producer:  Clyde Becker
Producer/Art Director/Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales
Photographer/Editor: Ryan Beard