This is the logo animation for “Brown Rice Entertainment,” an independent film and music company. The producer, Dex Elliot, is based on the west coast in Los Angeles.  As with most projects that require telecommuting, frequent contact via cell phone, text, and e-mail was necessary to bring the producer’s vision into form.

After several brainstorming sessions, the producer supplied a logo and animatic to work from.

He was seeking an animation that had both weight and atmosphere, similar to the Columbia Pictures logo animation from the early 90’s.  He wanted the logo reveal to be a “momentous event.”

The producer was open to my ideas and input, and from the collaboration, I was able to develop an open that had the “mood” he was looking for.  The logo animation was provided to the client in various formats, animated in Adobe “After Effects” and “Zaxwerks: Invigorator” with a final output to 720p. 

Total Running Time: 0:30

Producer: Dex Elliot
Motion Designer: Eugene Gonzales