Welcome to g2(fx), the repository of the latest work from Eugene Gonzales.

Eugene Gonzales was born on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, but spent most of his formative years on the east coast. Much to the dismay of his parents, Eugene was destined to be an artist from childhood; drawing in the pages of any book that he could find. His drawings helped hone his creative ability, which led him to the world of art. Somehow, his fascination with books and the media led him into the world of computers. After receiving a BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 1997, the two worlds met at a local ABC News affiliate in Norfolk (WVEC.TV 13). Starting off as an intern, and eventually becoming Art Director; he experienced the transition and evolution of traditional media to computers in broadcast design. Today, the new challenge is the transition from Standard Definition to High Definition; and the multiple platforms available for sharing information.

Eugene’s extensive work in broadcast design and commercial production has garnered him 9 Emmy awards from the NATAS, a BDA Bronze, and an Addy. Born almost half-way around the world, he found the love of his life on the other side. Eugene currently resides with his beautiful wife, Charmaine; in Norfolk, Virginia.

My beautiful wife, Charmaine and my son Aeneas.

Paying too much attention to the little screen on our new Toyota Prius.

Favorite Movie
Tron (the first one, although the sequel lives up to it’s legacy)…if you seek good graphic design, watch this movie. Over twenty years later, it still holds up.

Favorite Tunes
Any music performed live…even Country.

“All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small.”-Lao Tzu

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